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How To Properly Dispose Of Paint in the Greater Sacramento Area

How To Properly Dispose Of Paint in the Greater Sacramento Area

Each year, approximately 79 million gallons of paint goes unused.  That is a lot of leftover paint floating around our country.  That number goes up each year according to the EPA.  We all have those cans of paint left from the last painting project. So, what do you do with that leftover paint sitting around your garage or home?

It is good to keep cans that you may need for touch up at a later date.  Most people have many more cans than they need.  Keep a quart of each paint you want to use later.  Make sure you know the brand, product numbers, and color numbers too.  From there it is time to purge.  

California is part of Paint Cares, which is a program designed to help with paint recycling.  Every gallon of paint is charged a small fee to cover the cost of this program.  So, when it comes time for you to get rid of those old cans of paint there is no charge.  Most paint stores now will recycle the paint for you in small quantities.  If you have larger quantities, then it is best to go to the city dump.  The dump has the ability to take larger quantities, and they even take it right out of your car for you.  They take both latex and oil-based paints and stains.  The best part is they recycle, and it gets reused by others. 

At Brooks Painting, not only can we help ensure the smooth executions of your various painting projects, but our painting service professionals can help you plan how much paint you’ll need to get the job done without having to worry about excess waste. Contact us online or by phone at 530-753-5074 for a free consultation.

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