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Deck and Fence Painting

Superior Workmanship and Attention to Detail

Deck Painting and Refinishing

Think about all the things you love about living in California: the sun, the heat, the laidback lifestyle. However, decks in California take a real beating from the sun, and they need proper care and maintenance to keep them looking their best year-round.

If your deck has full sun exposure, plan on a fresh coat every two to three years. A proactive plan, including regular cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, clear finish, or stain, will save money in the long run by minimizing costly future repairs.

Deck Services

Fence Painting and Staining

A wood fence lends a warm, welcoming feel to your home, and serves to frame your property. Wood fences, like decks, also need regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.

On the Fence About Maintenance?  

It’s a question of prevention. 

Better to have an ounce of prevention than a new installation! The vertical fence surfaces will last longer due to less sun exposure, but the tops and bottoms of wood surfaces on your fence and gate systems should be painted or stained every two to three years to keep them in top condition.

New fence? If you want to keep the natural wood look, Brooks Painting can also apply a clear sealer to the new surfaces to start you off on the right foot.

Fence Services

Plan the Work & We’ll Work the Plan

Regular deck and fence maintenance doesn’t need to be yet another item on your to-do list. Here at Brooks Painting, we have the know-how, experience and the tools to keep your outdoor structures looking their very best, leaving you a little extra time for some California dreaming.

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Meet Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy Brooks

Residential or Commercial Estimator

If we had to compress who Jeremy is and what he does into a one-word description, it would be “passionate.” A lifelong California native, he began Brooks Painting at only 24 years old, fueled by a passion for his community, painting, and all the possibilities of what might be ahead.

Meet Corey Schmidt

Corey Schmidt

Residential Estimator

Corey is a wonderful asset to our sales team! If you have a residential interior, cabinet or exterior painting project, book with Corey!

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