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Exterior Painting in the Winter Months

Exterior Painting in the Winter Months

Summer is always a busy time of year for painting contractors, but our busiest time of the year is the fall.  People forget to call all summer and then all of a sudden want to get their house painted before the rain starts.  Calling in September hoping to get your home painted right away is difficult when you are calling a reputable company.  They are already booked out for months.  So, people ask, “Can I paint my home during the winter months?”  This is one of the most common questions we get asked each fall.  

Yes, we can paint outside all winter long in our region.  We are fortunate to have a mild winter season in the Sacramento area.  We do get hit with rain from time to time, but our temperatures stay warm enough to allow us to paint outside year around.  

What happens if it rains? This is an excellent question.  This is where our 24 years of experience comes into play.  We watch the weather closely and plan our paint jobs accordingly.  Even with that, the weather can still catch you off guard occasionally; things dry out very quickly.  We also have products that work differently during the winter months and dry quicker if rain moves in.  We also back all our paint jobs with a 3- or 5-year warranty.  While we love our clients, we do not want to return over and over to fix things.  So, we will not do anything to jeopardize the quality of our paint jobs.  


Our attention to detail, communication, prior experience all go a long way in instilling trust for our clients that we can paint your home all winter long.  If you need your home or business painted call us today at 530-753-5074.

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Meet Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy Brooks

Residential or Commercial Estimator

If we had to compress who Jeremy is and what he does into a one-word description, it would be “passionate.” A lifelong California native, he began Brooks Painting at only 24 years old, fueled by a passion for his community, painting, and all the possibilities of what might be ahead.

Meet Corey Schmidt

Corey Schmidt

Residential Estimator

Corey is a wonderful asset to our sales team! If you have a residential interior, cabinet or exterior painting project, book with Corey!

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