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Epoxy Floor Paints - Prep is Key to Lasting Beauty

Epoxy Floor Paints - Prep is Key to Lasting Beauty

We have all heard the phrase “the devil is in the details”.  When it comes to painting floors, this is the prep work.  Specifically, how you etch the concrete.  There are three main ways to etch concrete; acid wash, diamond grind, bead blast.  No matter what coating you plan to install, this step has to be done before the paint goes down.

Acid washing is easy for a homeowner to do, but it is the easiest to mess up.  It is very difficult to ensure that the acid opens up all the areas of the floor.  What commonly happens is the mixture is spread around and it ends up just washing the floor instead of etching.  To do it properly it must be done in small sections, and then afterwards it must be neutralized with a final wash.  Then there is the environmental issue of washing chemicals into storm drains, which is illegal.  Due to the difficulty and issues with the environment, we don’t use this process at Brooks.

Bead blasting is the best by far, as it abrades the concrete quickly and gives you the best profile.  Unfortunately the machinery is not for rent to homeowners, and they are incredibly expensive to buy.  The learning curve is also not an easy one.

So that leaves us with diamond grinding, which is the process Brooks Painting uses.  You can rent these at most equipment rental centers but be careful; there is a big difference in machinery.  The right machine will cost about $650.00 to rent with the diamond tips and vacuum.  Grinding can be a little dusty, so make sure that you rinse the floor after you vacuum everything up.  Then let it dry over night.

Now you are ready to install your coatings.  Today’s epoxy paints come in a wide range of colors, so you can truly customize the look you want.  Then you can add many different combinations of colored chips if that is the look that you want.  Epoxy floors can be done by homeowners, but it is a process and one that most often is best left to the professionals.  If you would like an estimate on doing an epoxy floor, contact Brooks Painting for your free estimate.

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