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Matching Your Current Paint Colors

Matching Your Current Paint Colors

Matching colors can be a big challenge for homeowners and contractors.  Maybe you just moved in and you love a color in a room, and want to use it in other rooms but you don’t know the color.  Or you have seen a color elsewhere and want to use it.  It is always best to hold onto old paint cans for touch up and matching, but even with the paint can it is challenging.  Over the past 5 years paint has been reformulated multiple times due to EPA regulations.  So paint from 5 years ago doesn’t match the paint you would buy today.  So what do you do?

In the past you had to hold up color charts, cut a piece of the wall out to have the paint store match it.  You simply were hoping to get really close, but it may not be exact.  Sheens can also make it challenging to match.  The good news is that matching your colors just got a lot easier.  Thanks to Sherwin Williams Color Snap tool, we can get the colors spot on.  We can match the existing wall color, or maybe you want to match a swatch of fabric.  Now you can do it all with this new piece of technology.  We simply hold up the matching tool and it syncs with your phone and gives you a Sherwin Williams color that matches.  It is always best to get a sample quart to double check you feel secure about your choice.

If you are looking for a professional touch for your interior or exterior painting project, give us a call.  We will help you match your colors, or pick the perfect combination to make your home pop.  Contact Brooks Painting to experience what working with a professional painting company is like.

Matching Your Current Paint Colors

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