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How do I know When the Exterior of My House Needs Repainting?

How do I know When the Exterior of My House Needs Repainting?

The weather has turned nice, the rain has finally stopped, and it is the busy season for most painting contractors. You are spending more time outside, and are looking at your home wondering if it is time to repaint but you aren’t sure.  There are two main reasons homes get painted, protection and aesthetics.  Here are a few things to really think about when trying to decide if your home needs to be repainted.

  • The easiest sign to notice is peeling paint. This is the number one reason that you want to paint. If you let it go too long with exposed, unprotected areas it will lead to bigger problems. The rain and sun will certainly damage unprotected surfaces, and can lead to dry rot.
  • Damaged wood or stucco is not always as easy to notice as peeling paint, but it is something to pay close attention to. Dry rot on wood can lead to major expenses if let go too long.  It can spread to every surface it touches. Look closely for spores growing, indented surfaces as these are signs of rot. Cracked or chipped stucco is not only unsightly but is a place that moisture can get in behind the paint and bubble the paint.  These areas need to be sealed up quickly so that you don’t have water intrusion.
  • Separated or peeling caulking is something you need to take a close look at. Typically found at doors, windows, and trim, cracking caulking is a sign that it is time to paint.  The caulking is there to seal the house from moisture, bugs, etc. When it is failing it needs to be removed, recaulked, and painted. This will help protect your home from damage.
  • Fading is usually an early warning sign that your home is ready for painting. It isn’t quite as critical as the first three items since those can lead to further damage. It is however the easiest to spot, and if you head this warning sign it will cost less to repaint than if you let it go longer because extensive damage has not happened. It is not just an aesthetic warning though; the paint has started to break down and needs to be redone.
  • Last, but not least, is sometimes you just need a change. You grow tired of colors, or maybe you bought the house with the current paint job and don’t like it. This is solely aesthetic, and not because something is wrong with the paint job. You just want a new look and fresh coat of paint will accomplish that.

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