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2020 Charity Paint Giveaway

Voting is now complete

The winner of the 2020 Charity Paint Giveaway is YOLO HOSPICE!

We will complete the project in the FALL of 2020 and will have more details to follow soon. Stay tuned. Thank you for voting and helping to spread the word!

We are proud to say that 2020 marks our 14th year orchestrating this community-oriented event. This is a fun opportunity for us to give back, brightening someone’s world with both fresh color and needed encouragement.


The three 2020 finalists were:

  • 1 Yolo Hospice
  • 2 Duncan & Ann Pohl
  • 3 YCCC Safe Harbor House

Here Are Their Stories:

Yolo Hospice

Yolo Hospice just started construction on a new Adult Day Program Center for Yolo County and should be ready to open late 2020. There is a strong need for this adult care center in Davis as the adult day care center in Woodland is always full and it is difficult for elderly residents of Davis to travel to Woodland.

The Center will provide socialization, activities, and care for adults, giving caregivers much needed relief from the stresses of caregiving.

A capital campaign to support the costs of this facility has been ongoing for nearly a year now. This campaign has been successful in many ways but is still short of covering all the costs.

The entire Yolo Hospice building including their main offices and this day care center will need to be painted as construction is completed later this year. This is a major expense for a nonprofit like Yolo Hospice, especially in light of the current corona virus outbreak, which is putting a great deal of strain on Yolo Hospice and all healthcare organizations.

Duncan & Ann Pohl

As a home domain for their children, friends and grandchildren over the years, The Pohl family has opened up their home to help anyone in need since 1995, always has and still does have an open door to everyone. Duncan did all the remodel work and painting, which he would do himself again except that 2 years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and it has progressed rapidly. Along with Parkinson's, Duncan Recently had to have surgery to correct the pain from spinal stenosis. Due to these health problems he now must use a walker to get around and must do physical therapy regularly. His daughter and granddaughter have moved in to help take care of their needs as much as possible, but painting the outside of the house is a little beyond their abilities. Having the house painted through the charity event would help so much with the upkeep as well as providing relief to the list of things that need to be done, thus lowering the stress level of the "to do list".

YCCC Safe Harbor House

Safe Harbor Crisis House is a beautiful facility that provides short-term residential treatment for those experiencing a psychiatric crisis. Short-term residential treatment services include crisis intervention in a supportive, group living environment for adults who are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms. Treatment is designed for individuals who need an intermediate step between a hospital stay and returning home, or who wish for a more structured, supportive setting in order to prevent a psychiatric hospitalization.