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Cabinet Painting FAQs

Cabinet Painting FAQs

What is the hottest thing in painting?  Painting cabinets or more specifically painting over the golden oak cabinets that no one wants any more.  If you have a home built in the 90’s you are likely all too familiar with golden oak.  Now some people want to keep the wood look, and for them we can stain the cabinets a darker color while allowing the grain to be seen.  Most people want to paint their cabinets now.  Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers.

Will the paint job be durable and last over time?

This is the number one question we get.  Why, because so many cabinets are painted incorrectly and everyone has seen cabinets that are chipping and peeling.  A painted cabinet can last a very long time when done correctly.  If you just slap some primer and paint on, they will fail.  If all the prep steps are followed you will get many years of enjoyment out of your paint job.  While the type of primer and paint are important, the most critical part is the prep work steps.

How long does it take to paint cabinets?

A typical size kitchen will take about a week to complete from start to finish.  It is all about the process.  It takes time from taking the cabinets apart, to putting them back together.  When someone says they can paint kitchen cabinets in 2-3 days they are cutting corners.  They typically aren’t removing hardware, cleaning, and skipping other steps.  Ideally we do all the cabinet pieces on site to avoid transporting items, but when there is no ability to do so we take them to our shop to finish. 

How do you prep the cabinets so they last?

It is all about the prep work in painting and this couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to painting cabinets.  First we take everything apart, all the hardware comes off and we label where things go.  Next we clean all the surfaces to remove dirt and grease.  Then we sand all the surfaces to degloss the wood so the prime can properly adhere.  Then we prime the surfaces with a quality primer.  Then we sand again to ensure everything is nice and smooth.  Then we go through and caulk joints, trim pieces, etc.  Finally we apply 2 coats of high quality semi gloss paint for the finish.  Once everything is dry we put everything back together, clean up, and put clean bumpers on the backs of all doors and drawers.

Can I use my kitchen while you paint my cabinets?

The quick answer is no.  Honestly it is inconvenient, but it is temporary.  We mask and cover your floors, counters, appliances, walls to protect all the surfaces.  Some people may brush and roll the cabinet bases, which can allow for you to use small parts of your kitchen when they are not working.  We spray the bases so that you get a nice smooth finish, which requires everything to be covered. 

Will I still see the grain of my oak?

There are products called grain fillers that can be used to completely smooth out the grain, but this is a very expensive process that most people don’t want to pay for.  If this is the process someone desires, the cost is equal to replacing the doors & drawers.  With our process the grain is not obvious; it fills all the pits so the grain doesn’t stand out.  If you get close at certain angles you can see the grain, but from a normal distance/view the grain is not visible.

If you are interested in painting your cabinets call us at 530-753-5074 or go to our website where you can see examples of our work and also can schedule an estimate.  We service all of Yolo, Solano, Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado counties.  Let Brooks Painting transform your cabinets.

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