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2019 Charity Paint Giveaway

Voting has now closed - check back soon for the announced winner!

It is time once again for our annual Charity Paint giveaway! We are proud to say that 2019 marks our 13th year orchestrating this community-oriented event. This is a fun opportunity for us to give back, brightening someone’s world with both fresh color and needed encouragement.

The three 2019 finalists are:

  • 1) Woodland Little League - Woodland CA
  • 2) Fourth & Hope - Woodland CA
  • 3) Duncan & Ann Pohl Woodland CA

Voting is open through May 5th.

Here Are Their Stories:

Woodland Little League - Woodland CA

Woodland Little League- “Bob Buchignani Field” on E.Gum Avenue that backs up to the fairgrounds is in dire need of repairs as the league is rapidly expanding and has over 400+ children registered to play little league this year alone.This field is a piece of local history in Woodland, named after “Mr. Umpire” Bob Buchignani, a Woodland High School graduate and athlete; Bob spent every day during the season umpiring for little league games. The entire park needs to be freshened up. The community of Woodland is rallying around this little league field in hopes to restore it to its glory days for the dearly missed Number One Ump, Bob!

Fourth & Hope - Woodland CA

Formerly known as the Yolo Wayfarer Center, is a non profit organization that has been providing services to the homeless population in Yolo County, specifically Woodland. Woodlands homeless population has more than tripled since 2017 as most of the population sleeps under cardboard covers exposed to the elements, baseball dugouts, parks and alleyways. Fourth & Hope operates a 72 bed shelter, and a rehabilitation program. Open 365 days/year and provides a hot meal every day at 5. They also provide laundry and shower services to the homeless. The overall goal is to provide every single person-regardless of status with food, clothing and shelter and to help facilitate recovery and address physical and mental health issues, and assist in permanent housing.

Duncan & Ann Pohl Woodland CA

As a home domain for their children, friends and grandchildren over the years, The Pohl family has opened up their home to help anyone in need since 1995, always has and still does have an open door to everyone. In the later part of 2018, Duncan Pohl was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Due to the diagnosis and progression, Duncan and his Wife of 45 years are now having to move into one of the downstairs bedrooms to better accommodate, unfortunately the downstairs bedrooms have been turned into playrooms and have had their share of kids in and out, and could use a new coat of paint to better suit Duncan and Ann. With the move, the children will now be moving upstairs and would like to maintain their playrooms with fun bright bold colors. Duncan and Ann have both worked really hard throughout their entire lives, even working multiple jobs at once, now they are both retired and Ann has recently started an In-home Cottage Gluten Free Bakery! A fresh paint job would help lift Duncan’s spirits and help transition the families all living under one roof.

How Does Our Charity Paint Work?

Our mission is to find a deserving charitable organization, individual person, or family who could benefit from up to $10,000 of our painting services, supplied at no cost. We are ready and willing to get to work, but we do need your help deciding who could most benefit from this giveaway.

After reviewing all submissions, we will choose three finalists and share their stories here. We then will rely on your votes to make our final decision.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are a few ways you can participate:

  • Nominate someone today
  • Vote for a finalist online
  • Volunteer to help or donate to the project

Who Are Our Past Recipients?

  • Davis Little League
  • The Sharp family
  • Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center of YOLO County
  • Davis Summer House
  • Hillel House
  • Yolo County Animal Shelter
  • YCCC Safe Harbor House
  • Davis Arts Center
  • Yolo Family Service Agency
  • Yolo Food Bank

Remember, all nominations must be submitted by April 7th! Thank you in advance for your help, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.