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It is time once again for our annual Charity Paint giveaway! We are proud to say that 2018 marks our 12th year orchestrating this community-oriented event. This is a fun opportunity for us to give back, brightening someone’s world with both fresh color and needed encouragement.

The three 2018 finalists are:

Voting is open through May 28th.

Here Are Their Stories:

Summer House Inc. 

Summer House, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities throughout Yolo County California.  We have very high ceilings that make it difficult and dangerous to paint by ourselves. A couple of areas that we would like painted are the upstairs administrative offices, (which have never been painted), and a dark kitchen and living room in the Woodland Residential home. We would be so grateful!!

Progress Ranch Treatment Services for Children

Progress Ranch provides residential treatment to emotionally at risk foster youth. The executive director makes sure all the foster youth participate in sports and other activities in the community as well as making sure all the youth have nice clothes to give them confidence at school and enhance the quality of their life. This leaves little money left over for home repairs. They are in need of having one of their homes repainted. There is a resurgence of home improvements along Loyola Drive. The Progress House ranch needs the outside of the house painted, this would make the boys feel more of a part of their neighborhood and proud of their home. 

Yolo Food Bank

15% of residents in Yolo County are food insecure, and 18% of its residents live in poverty. Every night in Yolo County, children, seniors and adults are going to bed hungry, while we live in one of the richest agricultural areas in the nation. Yolo Food Bank has responded to urgent issues of food insecurity by creating the Kids Farmers Market Program, Eat Well Yolo Produce Distribution Program, and the Emergency Food Assistance Program in addition to partnering with over 69 Yolo County partner agencies across the county that serve both rural and urban populations. Food insecurity, poverty, housing insecurity, disparate health and educational outcomes, and barriers to social mobility are all inextricably linked. Impacting one, impacts all. The Yolo Food Bank has been fighting to end hunger and malnutrition in Yolo County for over 40 years. It currently feeds approximately 52,000 community members per month out of a ramshackle collection of steel sheds. To advance its mission, my firm, Brown Construction, Inc., is constructing a modern 38,000-square-foot food distribution facility for the Food Bank. The new facility will have substantial cold storage capacity that will enable the distribution of a significantly greater amount of nutritious fresh produce to those community members most in need.  The Food Bank has raised $4.5 million in capital campaign gifts, but still has to raise another $2.5 million to complete the project. Brown Construction, Inc. has agreed to waive all of our profit to help close the gap. Ten thousand dollars in donated painting services from Brooks Painting would have a great impact, not only on this worthy project, but on the 69 partner agencies and the 52,000 community members the Yolo Food Bank serves.

How Does Our Charity Paint Work?

Our mission is to find a deserving charitable organization, individual person, or family who could benefit from up to $10,000 of our painting services, supplied at no cost. We are ready and willing to get to work, but we do need your help deciding who could most benefit from this giveaway. 

Nominations from the public ended April 1st.  After reviewing all submissions, our entire team voted to choose the three finalists. We are now sharing their stories here. The public voting poll is now posted and we will rely on your votes to determine this year's recipient. Please cast your vote today!

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