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HOA Fence Staining in Vacaville, CA

HOA Fence Staining in Vacaville, CA

We recently completed a fence staining job for an HOA in Vacaville.  Our team used BEHR Premium Solid Color Weatherproofing Wood Stain to refinish the fences.  Some of the fences were previously stained with the same color, while others were new.  The goal was to have a nice, uniform look on all the street facing fences.  As you can see from the pictures below, they turned out fantastic!

This job presents unique challenges that your standard paint job does not.  We are working for the property management company, but there are 64 different homeowners.  We had to make sure homeowners were notified of our schedule, and we could not deviate from that schedule.  We had to protect each person’s home and landscaping.  We had to be moving between all the different properties every few hours.  We also had to supply our own water, which required bringing in a water trailer for the pressure washing.  

This job took 5 working days to complete, plus 1 day to wash.  In the end, we did not have a single homeowner issue and the job was completed ahead of schedule!  If you need any commercial, HOA, or residential painting work please call Brooks Painting.  We serve Solano, Yolo, and the greater Sacramento area.  We do jobs as small as a front door, and as large as a shopping center!

HOA Fence Staining in Vacaville, CA

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