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How Often Will Paint Last On My Sacramento Area Stucco Home?

How Often Will Paint Last On My Sacramento Area Stucco Home?

One of the most common questions we get is: How often do we need to paint our home? While there are lots of variables that go into the answer, the material of the home is a big factor. Wood vs stucco, stucco will last significantly longer than wood. In the Sacramento region, we tell people they should expect to paint their exterior every 10 years. With stucco homes, there is also wood trim that needs to be painted. We advise painting the wood trim every 10 years on a stucco home, and the stucco paint should actually last roughly 20 years. If you have a dark color, fading will occur and you may need to do the wood trim and stucco at 10 years.

Other questions we get regarding stucco:

Are cracks normal? Yes, every home shifts and cracks, some are small and others are larger. Smaller ones can be treated with caulking, while some larger cracks need stucco patching.

What kind of paint is used? Elastomeric paint is the most common as it helps with hairline cracking and expands and contracts with movement. Elastomeric paints do fade more than normal acrylic paint, and should not be used when doing dark colors.

My stucco has never been painted, does it really need painting? Stucco can have the color mixed into it, and it can last many years without painting. At some point, all stucco should be painted. You may be tired of the color, it has been stained, has lots of cracks, or has become brittle.

If you have questions about painting your stucco home in Yolo, Solano, or Sacramento counties, please give us a call - we would be happy to help!

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