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Let Us Do The Hardwork For You!

Let Us Do The Hardwork For You!

What is important to you? Are you looking for a new color scheme? Are you looking to protect the exterior of your home? Maybe both?   

Our biggest responsibility is to protect your home. Of course, we want a beautifully finished product, one that you, the homeowner, and us can be proud of. But before we put even a single drop of paint onto your house, we need to do some serious preparation. Some houses will obviously require more than others, but all will get the same treatment. We will start with a thorough pressure wash. This will ensure that the house is clean, and it will assist with scraping, sanding, and removing all the flaking paint. It may also help identify some problem areas that are less noticeable if a home is especially dirty.

Now, here is where the grunt work starts, scraping, sanding, and caulking

Many homes, especially older homes, require a large amount of scraping. If you’re noticing that your paint is beginning to wrinkle and peel, this could be a result of poor preparation from your previous paint job. All this paint will need to be scraped, with the edges being feather sanded to help blend the highs and lows of paint build up. Anywhere that paint has been removed and raw wood is present will then be primed. We will also caulk any gaps or cracks in the stucco, wood, and trim for additional protection.

The main goal is for your house to become a canvas that is sound and ready for paint. It is the same as cooking. You can grab a steak, throw it on the grill and sure, it may taste okay. But if you take the time to season it, marinade it, brine it, you’re going to have a better end product that you will enjoy. Ready to see what Brooks Painting can do for you?! Give us a call 530-753-5074 to get your project started!

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Meet Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy Brooks

Residential or Commercial Estimator

If we had to compress who Jeremy is and what he does into a one-word description, it would be “passionate.” A lifelong California native, he began Brooks Painting at only 24 years old, fueled by a passion for his community, painting, and all the possibilities of what might be ahead.

Meet Corey Schmidt

Corey Schmidt

Residential Estimator

Corey is a wonderful asset to our sales team! If you have a residential interior, cabinet or exterior painting project, book with Corey!

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