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Adding color to your kitchen cabinets in Sacramento?

Adding color to your kitchen cabinets in Sacramento?

Now I'm sure if you have read any of our posts, you've seen a lot about cabinets. And that is for a good reason, we are proud of our skill and expertise. For all the cabinet jobs that we do, one of the hardest questions to answer for our customers is, "but what color should we paint them?"

A common rationale for opting from the standard white cabinet is that the color is too popular, or too boring. My response to that would be, "there is a reason undershirt are white. White matches everything and it has never gone out of style."  With that said, white is not the only choice, nor is it always the right choice. Kitchens with more natural lighting, or taller ceilings appeal to deeper toned colors. But for those of you who think white is the best option but still need a pop of color, we have a few ideas.

If you have an island, it is the perfect place to add your own personal touch. Think of it as a front door, you can have fun with your choice without disrupting the balance of the overall scheme. Also, if you ever got tired of the color, it is a lot easier to paint the island versus your entire kitchen. You can also go for a two-toned look. We often paint lower cabinets a darker tone, while keeping the uppers to a more standard color. This gives the same appeal of an accent color.

Do not stress yourself out choosing colors, let us guide you in the right direction. Go ahead and look at some of our projects, maybe one will be right for you!

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Jeremy Brooks

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Corey Schmidt

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