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Employees vs Subs - How does your painter operate?

Employees vs Subs - How does your painter operate?

We all make assumptions about things in our day to day lives.  In the painting world people assume that the painters coming out to do their work are employees and not subcontractors.

The person doing the estimating commonly refers to the painters as “our guys” but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are actual employees.  It is critical that you talk about this with the estimator.  At Brooks Painting we actually put it in writing that all painters are employees.  So why does it really matter?


This keeps the prices cheaper for the contractor and sometimes the homeowner.  They don’t have to pay workers comp, taxes, supply tools, etc on subs. In California a company who uses subcontractors has no control over them. They cannot legally tell them what time to show up to work. They cannot be told how to do the job, or what tools to use. There is less consistency in the work as they are not being trained on systems like an employee would be. While the company has insurance, the subs may not, leaving the you the owner of the property unprotected. Ultimately the homeowner may save a little money, but they are taking a lot of risks.


In our opinion this is the only way to go.  You maintain ultimate control over quality and scheduling. They are all covered by workers compensation, liability insurance and, in our case, an umbrella policy. We set the schedule and show up when we say we will. We supply the tools and ensure they are safe and in working order. We provide a consistent and predictable product because of the systems and processes we have at Brooks Painting.

Next time you are looking to hire a painting contractor, make sure to ask if they have employees or subcontractors. It is not a risk you should gamble with in most cases.

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