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Employees or Subcontractors, there’s a big difference.

Do you know if the contractor you are hiring is using subs or are the guys working on your property employees?  Most people just assume that they are employees of the company they contracted with to paint their home. They may intentionally use words like “our painters” that make you think they are employees when in reality they are subs.  Why should you care? Listed below are a number of reasons that we feel it is important to work with companies that have employees over subs.

  • The company you contracted with has very little actual control over the subs.  They may show up one day but not be there the next 2 days. With employees they go where they are scheduled to work.  In all of our estimates we actually have verbiage that work will be completed in consecutive business days.
  • What happens when the subcontractors break something?  There is no guarantee that the company will take care of it, they typically try to pawn it off on the sub.  If they do own it, it takes forever to deal with it.
  • Subs are not employees, so despite the company having workers comp, the subs are not covered.  So if they get hurt on your property they can sue you. 
  • Quality typically suffers.  The company subcontracting wants it done as cheaply as possible, so the sub wants to do it as quickly as possible to make as much money as they can.  What this typically translates into is cutting corners.
Employees or Subcontractors, there’s a big difference.

At Brooks Painting all of our painters are employees.  We are able to control quality better, schedule consistently, and provide great service.  We provide our employees with paid time off, health insurance, and many other benefits that help us retain good people.  Those good people then in turn take care of our customers. This helps provide a more predictable outcome than the sub contractor model would.

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Jeremy Brooks

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Corey Schmidt

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Corey is our newest team member and a wonderful asset to our sales team! If you have a residential interior, cabinet or exterior painting project, book with Corey!

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