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Pergola Maintenance

Pergola Maintenance

There are many benefits to painting or staining your wooden Pergola, Trellis or Arbor.


Depending on your landscape, these stand alone pieces can either be a staple in your front yard, or it can serve as a roof for a walkway or for your back porch.


When you maintain an outdoor pergola (featured above), what you really do is not only take care of its appearance but increase its lifespan. Knowing how to care for your pergola is important, especially since pergolas can be made from many different materials such as wood, plastic, vinyl and metal. 


Here are a few tips on maintaining your wooden Arbor, Trellis and Pergola's.


Hose it down!

  • It is best to use a high pressure water hose to eliminate any dirt that may be clinging on the surface, especially before you paint or stain. As always, remove all other furniture and other items laying around during the process to avoid any damage.

Clean It!

  • Purchasing the proper cleanser for your outdoor pergola that can be applied with the help of a brush. For smaller more stubborn areas a tooth brush will work just fine! If you find any splinters, you may carefully remove them.

For metal pergolas, a bristle brush is beset and a good way to clear away all the rust clinging to the surface. For a Vinyl pergola, you will want to follow the manufacturer's instructions, a simple detergent works just fine as well.


Check for Mildew and Stains

  • Mildew is something you cannot afford to ignore unless you want to risk spoiling the appearance of your pergola. Removing mildew can be as easy as mixing a cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon of water and apply it after thoroughly washing your pergola.

Rinse the Pergola!

  • Once the cleanser has been properly applied, and clear of all dirt and debris, then you can rinse with a hose. Repeat the exercise if necessary.

Touch Up Damages!

  • A touch up kit or repair kit makes it easy to work on areas that are damaged.  Most vinyl pergolas come with a touch up kit.



Whew! Sounds like a lot of steps! Not DIY Savvy? No worries,


Give us a call today or book your appointment online and leave all the work up to our professional team of painters!


During your free estimate, our Trusted Estimators will walk you through the professional steps that we take to ensure a quality refinishing job!


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