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Painting Your Business

Painting Your Business

Your business is your livelihood, a huge investment, and it’s a reflection of you. You wouldn't hire just anyone off the street to work there, or sell cheap products or services, so why let the appearance of your business depreciate your business?

Hiring professional painters with commercial experience is the only way you can guarantee a long lasting and satisfactory paint job. These professionals have resources, and the ability to work with your deadlines and hours.

Questions you should be asking before hiring someone to paint your commercial project:

  • Do you work with a strict schedule? You DON’T want to have someone showing up days or even weeks late.
  • What technology do you have access to? You may have project that would benefit more from specific equipment.
  • What are your clean up procedures? How do they dispose of trash or toxic material? Do they clean up at the end of every day?
  • Do you warranty your work? If something goes wrong, are they going to take ownership and repair it?

Painting Your Business

Brooks Painting is proud to answer these questions. We are able to work with client’s timelines, and we recommend you call as far in advance as possible so we can accommodate your schedule. We use the latest technology, which our painters are always being trained in, including sprayers and pumps. Our crew leaders conduct a pre-job walk with the client to find out what the expectations are for trash removal, and other job site details. Lastly, we offer a 3 year warranty on one-coat paint jobs and 5 year warranty on two-coat paint jobs. Owning our work is a core aspect of our company. If you would like to learn more about commercial painting or receive a free estimate, visit or call 530-753-5074.

Proudly serving Davis, and the rest of Yolo, Sacramento, Placer, and Solano counties.

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Meet Jeremy Brooks

Jeremy Brooks

Residential or Commercial Estimator

If we had to compress who Jeremy is and what he does into a one-word description, it would be “passionate.” A lifelong California native, he began Brooks Painting at only 24 years old, fueled by a passion for his community, painting, and all the possibilities of what might be ahead.

Meet Corey Schmidt

Corey Schmidt

Residential Estimator

Corey is our newest team member and a wonderful asset to our sales team! If you have a residential interior, cabinet or exterior painting project, book with Corey!

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