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Does Painting Your Home Increase the Value?

Does Painting Your Home Increase the Value?

Are you selling your house or just trying to maintain the value? Painting is an important part if you answered yes to either part of that question. When you are selling a home you want it to look the best it can, so that it get top dollar. When you are trying to maintain the home that you live in, painting can help prevent some costly repairs down the road.

If you are selling your home, you want it to stand out from all the other homes on the market. First impressions are critical, so curb appeal is the key here. Your yard must look nice, and your paint job needs to be in good condition. Just as important is that the colors are neutral, so that they appeal to the majority of those looking to buy your home. If you have painted your house bold colors, that only a few people may like, you need to change them. We are very emotionally tied to our homes, and all that work put into them. When you are selling, it is about getting top dollar, not what you personally like. Do your best to put your feelings aside and neutralize your home, and make sure those perspective buyers see a nice, well kept home that they do not need to spend money on painting, which could affect the amount of their offer.

If you are planning on staying in your home for years to come, that’s great. Now your mind set is to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible. With the exterior of your home, the best way to prevent deterioration and rot is to keep your house well protected with paint. In our northern California climate, you should plan on painting your home every 10 years. This will help prevent against sun damaged surfaces and dry rot. When you neglect the outside of your home, the problems can grow very quickly as well as the price tag of the repairs.

When it comes to the interior of your home there are no elements to damage the surfaces, it is mostly from our use. Therefore, you don’t have to paint quite as often, unless you want to change the colors. I have seen ceilings painted 30 years ago, look fantastic. Now if you have young children and animals, those walls & baseboard may need some help sooner than later. Interiors are fun to paint, as you can easily add a lot of personalization with color. If you are selling your home, it is time to go neutral again. You want a prospective buyer who walks into your home to feel warmth rather that overwhelmed. If you have some bold accent walls, it’s time to change those out. Once again it is not about what we may like, but what others looking to buy our home will like and getting the pest purchase offer.

If you are buying, selling, or staying put, painting adds great value to you home. Please call Brooks Painting for all your interior and exterior painting needs @ 530-753-5074.

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Brooks Painting painted our home in Sacramento in March of 2022. Tim did a great job power washing our home. Corey, Flint, and Kristen were very helpful in the bid and. planning. process. The painting crew was excellent. Arrived on time each day and the project was finished in 5 days as promised. All worked very hard.

M Hawkins

You are an excellent company and I couldn't be any happier with your work. This is your second job for me and both were excellent.

Donald S., Realtor

Very professional, live up to their billing! [The] company was very cooperative, on top of everything. [They] followed through with their commitment.

Marylan T.

Courteous and well mannered, attentive, discussed complete job and provided good service.

Juan C., C.H.P.

Competent, very thorough, listened to my wishes, very accommodating. Hard workers, friendly, happy, willing to please.

Kay M

Listened to my needs and offered good suggestions. Customer confidence in value and quality.

John K.

Efficient, prompt, dependable, quality, respectful, friendly and caring.

Marilou R., Winters

We are long time happy customers with many positive experiences with Brooks Painting. We have appreciated the assistance (and patience) with selecting paint colors, the professionalism of the staff and the high quality of workmanship. We recently had some interior painting done and the crew was on time, neat, careful inside the house and very easy to work with. They also cheerfully handled some unexpected drywall repair. I highly recommend Brooks Painting.

Teri Greenfield

The crew is as neat and reliable as the actual painting job and paint used. No boom boxes!! Cordial staff spoke English. The crew got along with each other and worked as a team. The actual finish is / was beautiful. We would like to use Brooks again!

Donna H.

Brooks Panting Inc. just finished painting the exterior of our house. The crew did a terrific job. The house is a mid century modern with redwood paneling and an unusual amount of trim work. The Brooks crew was efficient, the quality of the painting was exceptional and the work was completed on time! Because of the age of the house several panels needed to be replaced. Brooks had the expertise to closely match the new paneling with the old paneling. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. They are professionals!

Daniel Dykstra

This is a business you can trust to do an excellent job and keep all promises. Came on time, completed in time stated, beautiful result!

Sandra & David M.

My house is so beautiful now…great work. Courteous, prompt, awesome work.

Lisa H.

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