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Reaching Your Full Potential

Jeremy (my boss) was the first person to point out to me that saying, (and we’ve all said it) “but he has so much potential” is not saying something good about that person, but quite the opposite.  When you think about it, what is the point of having potential when you don’t make an effort to meet it?  I was at a Construction Specification Institute conference recently and one of their keynote speakers, Andrew Cornell, CEO of Cornell and Cookson Companies, spoke about the Five Tools to Reaching our Greater Potential.  I’d like to share them with you because they were very inspiring. It doesn't matter if you are selling paint jobs, driving a big-rig, or staying home to raise your children; these can apply to everyone, in every station of life.

  1. Set audacious goals. We’ve all heard about audacious goals, but seriously…set them, and do something about them.  Write them down, and balance goals for personal, family and work.  Rate yourself annually.  These goals will commit you to a specific future.  That’s worth repeating:  These goals will commit you to a specific future. They will help you say no when needed, which is important to balance your life, and they will radically alter your self-perception.
  2. People need adult supervision. Find mentors, coaches, even an advisory board.  Find people who have been where you want to go and keep them close.  Invite peer review and ask what you should keep doing, start doing and stop doing.  Create a third party framework for your own accountability and write it down.
  3. Create an image of your future self. This has to be visual, a picture, a photo that you look at every day to remind yourself of what you want for your future.  Photoshop your head on top of the body you desire.  Cut a photo of yourself and paste it next to a photo of the environment you are working towards.  It will be a daily reminder of your future.  You will be more likely to create your future self if you have a photo of what you’re striving for.
  4. Move de-energizing people away from you. Find can-do people in your life.  Spend time with them.  Those that are sucking your life energy out of you will have to find someone else.  De-energizing people require more focus and attention, which distracts you from your potential.  Get away from them.
  5. Reflect on compliments. I find this to be one of the most difficult tasks.  When people pay you a compliment, learn to simply say “thank-you” and don’t extinguish them in your mind.  Listen to these compliments.  They are truths about your potential.

Start taking these steps but don’t make contingencies.  Don’t create time frames in your mind that you’ll start these steps once something else is completed.  Start it now.  Finally, but most importantly, it’s one thing to take these steps toward realizing your potential, but think about what you want to leverage your potential towards.  Think about what realizing your potential will do for those around you.  Remember…ultimately, this is not all about you.  It’s about your family, co workers, friends, those around you.  What is the point of realizing your potential if it’s not doing something to better others?  This is not self-serving, but self-fulfilling.  Peter Drucker said it best by stating, “The only real mission for a human life is to serve others.”


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A lot of painters do the bare minimum, just to get by and move on. That’s not who we are or how we’ve built our reputation.

2. You can feel comfortable with our team

From the estimator to our office team, field employees to Crew Leader, we want you to know that you’re valued, cared for, and safe.

3. We’ll do the job correctly

You deserve total transparency, accountability, and exceptional work. No skipped steps or opting for the “easy way.”

4. We’ll stand by our job

Because we know we’re doing it all the right way, we can confidently stand by our work. We’re picky, and we want you to be 100% satisfied.

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I wanted to have my kitchen cabinets painted but knew that that was a job that required skill and expertise. I called Brooks Painting and the experience from start to finish was perfect! Everyone I dealt with was personable and good at their jobs. They spent time answering questions, explaining the exact process, and did the work precisely as promised. They even did a few other small jobs (repairing and painting 2 water damaged ceilings) to perfection. And everything was neat and clean when they left! And the cabinets – better than I could have hoped for. Esteban is a master craftsman who was meticulous in every aspect of his work. The finish is smooth as glass with no imperfections. I couldn’t be happier!

Christina Fotenos

It was fun working with Chris and his crew. I’ve never had a contracted job go so smoothly from start to finish. The office was responsive to my needs, Corey was patient and helpful while I made color choices, and Chris made sure I was happy with the crew’s work every step of the way. Gabriel does amazing work as well. Very much a perfectionist like Chris. I don’t have a bad thing to say. The job is absolutely stunning and I’ve had so many neighbors tell me it’s beautiful. I’m happy to put one of your signs in my front yard if you’d like so people know as they drive by who did the work. Thank you Brooks Painting. I will be recommending you to anybody who asks.

D. White

Brooks Panting Inc. just finished painting the exterior of our house. The crew did a terrific job. The house is a mid century modern with redwood paneling and an unusual amount of trim work. The Brooks crew was efficient, the quality of the painting was exceptional and the work was completed on time! Because of the age of the house several panels needed to be replaced. Brooks had the expertise to closely match the new paneling with the old paneling. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. They are professionals!

Daniel Dykstra

They are on time! They show up! It was a big job and they were good and fast. Very nice guys.

Tracy W.

The crew is as neat and reliable as the actual painting job and paint used. No boom boxes!! Cordial staff spoke English. The crew got along with each other and worked as a team. The actual finish is / was beautiful. We would like to use Brooks again!

Donna H.

Consummate professionals! We hired Brooks to repaint the exterior of our house, and they did a fantastic job. The paint looks wonderful, everyone was also on time, friendly, and respectful of our property. Exceptional communication through the entire process. I was worried about damage to the landscaping near the house (bad previous experience with another outfit), but they were all very understanding and the crew was super careful. Did what they said they would do with no weirdness, no smoking, no radio, and they cleaned up after themselves nicely. This picky customer is very happy!

Lisa Goodin

Another great job by Brooks Paining. they did a great job on our trim painting and siding varnish. They were very timely and considerate of our home and property. This is our 3rd time in 19 years utilizing Brooks Painting. We haven't been let done. 👍👍

T Thompson

Very professional. Painters were very accommodating on the little things.

Claude V., Dixon

We chose Brooks Painting based on their excellent reputation. It was an excellent choice! We had them do a complete exterior and almost complete interior painting of our two story house. They were done separately, while we were out of town. We are very pleased with the quality of the work. They even fixed up a few mistakes made by a crew that painted a portion of our interior ceilings a month prior (removal of asbestos popcorn ceiling), at no extra charge. Cleanup was great, also. They repaired some dry rot that was uncovered (extra charge, but worth it), and they even moved furniture back into place as well as put back the curtain rods that I had taken down, which wasn't expected. I highly recommend them, and will use them again for any future paint jobs.

Charlie Russell

Chris and Gabriel were amazing. Corey was patient and helpful in answering questions and while I decided on colors. The office was easy to contact and had good follow-through. Thank you so much to Brooks for a job I could not possibly be happier with. Feel free to use me as a reference!

Laura P

I have always received excellent customer service and the crews are always very concerned about ensuring satisfaction!

Shawn W.

Very professional, live up to their billing! [The] company was very cooperative, on top of everything. [They] followed through with their commitment.

Marylan T.

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