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The Varying Price of Paint

Whether you are looking at a gas, groceries, or clothing, it seems that there are always at least 3 different versions of the same product, with widely varying prices. This is just as true in the paint aisle: the variety of available paints is mind-boggling, and they range in price from $12 to $69 dollars per gallon. So what is the difference, and why in the world would anyone pay for the premium products when it is more than triple the price?

"You get what you pay for," the old saying goes, and in paints, it is very accurate. Professional house painters agree that the price of paint is directly related to the quality of the raw ingredients it contains, and the better the materials, the higher the price. This means, then, that the more you pay, the better your paint will perform. Each paint manufacturer has higher and lower quality paints that they produce in order to be competitive in each market.

In residential painting, the quality of the materials is not immediately visible. For example, Sherwin Williams least expensive paint will be the same color and appearance as their most expensive when they are freshly applied. The differences become plain, however, in a surprisingly short time. Better paints will hold their color longer, resist scuffing and scraping better, cover in less coats, and reduce the frequency of paint jobs.

There are four main ingredients in all paint:

  • Pigment: This creates the colors
  • Binder: This causes the paint to adhere to the substrate (surface)
  • Resins: These cause the paint film to harden, like a protective shell
  • Solvent/Base: This is what makes paint a spreadable liquid. It evaporates as the paint dries

Each of these ingredients can vary in quality and cost, and the more money you spend on these materials, the longer a paint job will last. When customers seek a lower-cost product, the manufacturer must sacrifice the quality of some of these ingredients, and the paint will not perform as well. For example, Sherwin Williams produces some of the finest paints available, but their South West Builders product is designed for budget-conscious customers, and it costs about $12 per gallon. Because the pigments are not as good and the resins are cheaper, this paint will fade significantly in 4-5 years.

The bottom line for many customers is the overall price effect: will I save more by using a lower-cost product? The surprising answer is no!   When you hire a painting company, the paint is only 10% to 20% of the total project cost, so getting better paints will have only a slight impact on the overall job cost. However, the difference in paint performance could double the life of your paint, reducing the frequency of paint jobs. The cost analysis in this case clearly shows that a larger up-front investment can save substantial cash and headaches in the long-term.

For more information about specialized paint ingredients and premium paints call Brooks Painting who is a Davis-based painting contractor serving the whole Sacramento metropolitan region. We gladly service Sacramento County, Yolo County, Placer County, Eldorado County, and Solano County.


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What a difference!! We hired Brooks Painting to do both an interior refresh painting and a completely new exterior color. Everything was handled professionally and as promised. The team, from estimator to office to painters on site, was responsive, friendly and skilled. Brooks Painting is the most reliable contractor we have ever hired. Thank you Jeremy, Dan, Israel, and Kristen.

Joie Watson

Very professional, live up to their billing! [The] company was very cooperative, on top of everything. [They] followed through with their commitment.

Marylan T.

Brooks did a fantastic job on our exterior and interior paint jobs. Quality was high, price was reasonable, and the team was extremely professional and detail-oriented. Mark was our crew lead and the team performed a number of exterior wood repairs, a door re-stain, interior and exterior painting. Mark clearly takes a lot of pride in his work and went above and beyond to ensure the work was high-quality, including finding exact matching siding to fix dry rot, and performing minor repairs that weren't even included in the quote. He and the team were all consistently positive and personable, joking with each other throughout the day, while also genuinely complimenting each other on the quality of their work. It was great to see, and that positivity definitely showed through the work they did. We couldn't be happier with the end result.

Ryan Schauland

Eric and his crew were on time every day and did a very thorough job. I was thrilled that they were willing to paint my outdoor light fixtures which were getting rusty. I was particularly impressed how much time they spent going over their work at the end to catch spots that were missed. I’ll be using them again for interior painting.

C Lewis

Listened to my needs and offered good suggestions. Customer confidence in value and quality.

John K.

Very professional, I appreciate the time they took to make sure everything was taken care of for my house! I really liked that Jaime stepped up and told me not to paint my front door like the house and then chose a color that worked great. Thank you!

Dale S.

They treat their employees in a fair manner resulting in happy workers. Company is well run. I really like the crew that was here, they were very comfortable to have around.

Pat H.

Brooks Painting painted our home in Sacramento in March of 2022. Tim did a great job power washing our home. Corey, Flint, and Kristen were very helpful in the bid and. planning. process. The painting crew was excellent. Arrived on time each day and the project was finished in 5 days as promised. All worked very hard.

M Hawkins

We would recommend them highly. [They] painted and did a good job. Kept everything clean and cleaned up after, very polite.

Muriel Y.

The crew is as neat and reliable as the actual painting job and paint used. No boom boxes!! Cordial staff spoke English. The crew got along with each other and worked as a team. The actual finish is / was beautiful. We would like to use Brooks again!

Donna H.

You are an excellent company and I couldn't be any happier with your work. This is your second job for me and both were excellent.

Donald S., Realtor

Bud was always available and extremely knowledgeable. He was always willing to go that extra step and also explain things thoroughly.

Michelle B.

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