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Cheer on Your Team with Paint

So with the World Series in full swing, and this blogger rooting for her San Francisco Giants, I started thinking about color and how sports fans often select paint colors based on their teams.

There are a myriad of paint colors to choose from, and using your team colors for inspiration is a great way to start.  Team colors are not just for children’s rooms or man caves.  I’m selecting Sherwin Williams Robust Orange for an accent wall in my family room because it’s warm, and yet it’s a wild orange that reminds me of my favorite baseball team.  And for that San Francisco 49er fan, how about Sherwin Williams Salute?  There’s a great teal for the Dolphin fan called Great Falls, and for that Dodger fan, I’d recommend Loyal Blue.  I could continue with all the teams and colors that would be a great fit, but I’d prefer you hire me for that task!

Painting an accent wall or two is a great way to liven up your interior spaces and a great way to celebrate your team.  It takes a great painter with a steady hand to cut those lines in on the walls, so hiring a professional is best.  When your room starts to bore you and you need something fresh and lively, choose a color inspired by your favorite sports team and you’ll have a winner!

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