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  • How Much Does it Cost to Paint Cabinets in Davis, CA?

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Cabinets in Davis, CA?

 How Much Does it Cost to Paint Cabinets in Davis, CA?

Are you looking to have your cabinets painted? Here is an overview of the costs.

If you are like many homeowners today, you are looking for ways to upgrade your home. Kitchen cabinets are a primary focus for many. You have 3 options that we call the 3 R’s, Repainting/Refinishing, Refacing, Replacing. The cost typically doubles with each R. So if repainting is $6000, Refacing is $12,000, and Replacing is $24,000. Prices can vary greatly depending on the size of kitchens (or bathrooms, built-ins, and other cabinets). Not only are the prices different, but the process and interruption to your life are very different. For example, a typical kitchen cabinet painting job can be painted in 5 business days. Refacing often takes two weeks or more, and new cabinets take months.

Why is company "A" so much less expensive than Brooks Painting?

We get this question from time to time, and the answer is pretty simple.

We specialize in cabinet painting. We have developed a process that ensures a long lasting finish and looks fabulous. From the cleaning, sanding, to the clean up, we know what we are doing. Many companies say they paint cabinets, but brush and roll and the product looks mediocre at best. The finish doesn’t last because the prep work steps were not taken. Cabinets are labor intensive, and the process is critical. If anything is skipped or done partially, then you will have a job that fails in a year or looks like a handyman did them. Make sure you get a detailed estimate with all the steps and products listed. Check references, and those references should be 5 years old or more, so you know the painting stands up over time. Ask for sample doors - something you can see and touch!

What should I ask the companies I am interviewing for my kitchen (or other cabinet painting project)?

  • What is your process?
  • What products do you use?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do you have references?
  • Do you have samples I can see?
  • How long have you been doing cabinets?
  • How many cabinet jobs do you do in a year?
  • What is your warranty?
  • Do you spray or brush and roll?

Are we right for you? The only way to really know is to have us come out to discuss your project. If you live in Solano, Yolo, Sacramento, Placer, or El Dorado counties we would be happy to meet with you. Let us show you what your cabinets can really look like. Call us at 530-753-5074 or you can schedule an appointment now online @ Take advantage of our experience.

Our Promises to You

1. We’re committed to your project’s success

A lot of painters do the bare minimum, just to get by and move on. That’s not who we are or how we’ve built our reputation.

2. You can feel comfortable with our team

From the estimator to our office team, field employees to Crew Leader, we want you to know that you’re valued, cared for, and safe.

3. We’ll do the job correctly

You deserve total transparency, accountability, and exceptional work. No skipped steps or opting for the “easy way.”

4. We’ll stand by our job

Because we know we’re doing it all the right way, we can confidently stand by our work. We’re picky, and we want you to be 100% satisfied.

Most trusted painting company in the Greater Sacramento & Davis Areas

4.9 rating from 300+ reviews

Hiring Brooks Painting was an easy and professional process the whole way through, from the estimate to the completion of having my very high walls edged, where I was unable to reach them. Crew Leader Eric was prompt and super capable, which was a relief since he had to maneuver and climb a very tall ladder. He was also in the process of teaching a newer painter and I admired his positive and encouraging manner. In addition, he was willing to respond to my requests with ease. No regrets here! The edging looks amazing and only took 4 hours to complete.

Serenity Now

The crew is as neat and reliable as the actual painting job and paint used. No boom boxes!! Cordial staff spoke English. The crew got along with each other and worked as a team. The actual finish is / was beautiful. We would like to use Brooks again!

Donna H.

Very professional, live up to their billing! [The] company was very cooperative, on top of everything. [They] followed through with their commitment.

Marylan T.

Easy to work with - pleasant, efficient, competent, always available, answered all questions. Totally professional - each person. Thank you all! A great job!

Stephanie Brown F.

Brooks Painting gets in gets it done and out! Quality job, great price. Touch base daily with a report on progress of job. It's important to have confidence in a company that works for you. Brooks is that company.

Jeff Allbright, Nugget Markets Corp.

Another great job by Brooks Paining. they did a great job on our trim painting and siding varnish. They were very timely and considerate of our home and property. This is our 3rd time in 19 years utilizing Brooks Painting. We haven't been let done. 👍👍

T Thompson

Consummate professionals! We hired Brooks to repaint the exterior of our house, and they did a fantastic job. The paint looks wonderful, everyone was also on time, friendly, and respectful of our property. Exceptional communication through the entire process. I was worried about damage to the landscaping near the house (bad previous experience with another outfit), but they were all very understanding and the crew was super careful. Did what they said they would do with no weirdness, no smoking, no radio, and they cleaned up after themselves nicely. This picky customer is very happy!

Lisa Goodin

They treat their employees in a fair manner resulting in happy workers. Company is well run. I really like the crew that was here, they were very comfortable to have around.

Pat H.

Competent, very thorough, listened to my wishes, very accommodating. Hard workers, friendly, happy, willing to please.

Kay M

Brooks Panting Inc. just finished painting the exterior of our house. The crew did a terrific job. The house is a mid century modern with redwood paneling and an unusual amount of trim work. The Brooks crew was efficient, the quality of the painting was exceptional and the work was completed on time! Because of the age of the house several panels needed to be replaced. Brooks had the expertise to closely match the new paneling with the old paneling. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. They are professionals!

Daniel Dykstra

Brooks Painting has be in business a long time in our area. As a native resident we have seen and heard of their professional & quality painting. In looking for bids on painting our house Brooks was referred numerous times. When Jeremy came out to meet us we were sold on using their services and looked no further. Every aspect of this company was very upfront, professional and made us feel safe, valued and comfortable hiring them. The office staff kept good communication with us. The color matching was perfect. The crew showed up on time, were respectful and did a great job from prep to the final end of the project. The warranty offered was a plus and the liability coverage gave us peace of mind also. The price was well worth all that was included in the project so we had little to do but move our stuff away from the house. Thank you Brooks painting, crew and staff for making our home new again :)

Karen Boone

My house is so beautiful now…great work. Courteous, prompt, awesome work.

Lisa H.

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